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Routine dental care is vital to good oral health—and your overall well-being.

To help ensure that those pearly whites are well taken care of, TPSC offers a range of fully-customizable self-funded dental benefit solutions that deliver significant savings and flexibility in coverage!

With a self-funded dental plan from TPSC, employers can:

tooth icon Experience a flexible approach to self-funding

letter icon Gain greater control over healthcare spending

tooth shield icon Customize benefits from a full range of options

toothbrush icon Improve employee health and wellness

Dental Plan Structures

Our self-funded dental plans can be customized in a variety of ways to meet the unique needs of any organization

By including a Dental PPO, the plan can be further customized:

Passive PPO: A passive PPO network pays in-network benefits at the same percentage as out-of-network care.

Traditional PPO: Traditional PPO networks encourage and provide incentive to use in-network dentists by paying a higher percentage for services. The benefit paid for out-of-network care can be considerably lower

EPO: An EPO is an “Exclusive Provider Organization” plan. Members of an EPO can use doctors within the EPO network but cannot go outside of the network for care. There are no out-of-network benefits with an EPO.

Our Dental PPO Partners Include:

Light Dental

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