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Find out what sets TPSC apart from other TPAs in the self-funding industry.

Member Resources

High-Deductible Health Plans

A high-deductible health plan, or HDHP, is uniquely designed to help you save on the cost of health insurance.

Common Healthcare Terms

Deductibles? Coinsurance? Familiarize yourself with some commonly used health insurance industry terminology.

Where to Seek Care

If you got sick or injured, would you know where to go? Choosing the right care provider can make a big difference!

FSA Enrollment

Whether you already have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)—or know nothing about them—this video is for you.

Coordination of Benefits

If you’re covered by more than one health plan, who decides which policy pays for different services and procedures?

Large Case Management

TPSC’s confidential Case Management Services help members facing a chronic condition or severe illness or injury.

SelfServePLUS Member/Client Portal

Learn more about how to access and use our secure member/client online portal.

EzPay App Introduction

An introduction to using the TPSC EzPay app for managing FSA, HRA and HSA accounts.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

An explanation of benefits, or EOB, is a statement that outlines what medical services/treatments were processed on your behalf.